About Us

Smith Berlin was created based on a dream in providing essentials fashion item for Indonesian men. As an one stop solution to finding high quality & comfort clothes at affordable prices, Smith Berlin also wants to break the perception that local products are often not as good as international products.

Comfortable & High Quality

Products from Smith Berlin is proven by thousands of our reviews to be comfortable and adapted to the climate in Indonesia. We pride ourselves in the quality of our product, with the best choice of materials that suit the need of Indonesian men.

The One-Stop-Shop for Indonesian men.

Smith Berlin is the perfect place for Indonesian men to fill their clothing needs, as we offer a variety of products ranging from basic tees and shirts for your everyday needs, athletic clothing for those with an active lifestyle, and everything in between. We are confident in providing you with a wardrobe of men’s essentials that keeps you looking sharp and put together.

Made 100% in Indonesia

All of our products whether it be our collection of Tops, Bottoms, Outerwear, or accessories are proudly 100% made in Indonesia.

Affordable Style

We are aware that there are still some difficulties faced by men in Indonesia in finding high quality clothes at an affordable price. Smith berlin offers an answer to that problem by producing men’s essentials that have a high standard of quality, yet still in an affordable price point.


With humility Smith Berlin realizes that we are still far from perfect, Smith Berlin is driven to continuous improvement in creating products with better quality every day. We realize that the process we are going through is not easy but with the support of the people and the community, we are sure that we can continue to get better. In every activity, we have the belief that the customer is the most important things, based on that belief we will provide the best service. We hope that Smith Berlin can be an inspiration for Indonesian men to be better.

Happy shopping at our online shop. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

Smith Berlin