Everyday Uniform: T-Shirt by Smith Berlin

Everyday Uniform: T-Shirt by Smith Berlin

In our day and age, the T-shirt is a staple piece of every man and woman’s wardrobe. It is arguably the most comfortable item of clothing in our age. Not forgetting to mention on how easy it is to put on and off, people wear it in almost literally every situation, from hanging out outside, working, exercising, even to sleep! Many varieties of the T-shirt have been made throughout our history, from its origins as an undergarment, to the classic cotton t-shirts we have today, to more explorative materials such as stretchy fabric, or even knitted T-shirts. I think we can all agree that it is almost impossible to avoid the T-shirt.

It's versatility and stylishness also need to be mentioned, and how sometimes a simple t-shirt and trousers is all you need to look sleek and sharp for your day-to-day repertoire. Here at Smith Berlin, we are aware of how much people adore the T-shirt, so we have made many different variations to suit everyone’s style and needs. Let’s start off with a classic, the Day one Tee is a great example of a classic yet refined T-shirt, with its slim fit and highly wearable colors, it is sure to look good whether you wear it as is, or wear it with a piece of outerwear. A little touch of detail in the shape of an embroidered Smith Berlin logo is also featured on the left chest, just to give a premium detail to the overall look.

For those who love a bit of a vintage feel, look no further than the Joey T-Shirt, this regular fitting T-shirt is adorned with a towel-embroidered SB logo on the left chest, reminiscent of those big fuzzy patches that you see on old varsity jackets. The Joey comes in two colors, Grey with moss green embroidery, and black with light grey embroidery. This one is sure to look great if you wear your true size, and it is sure to look great as well if you go up a size for that oversized look.

Sometimes basic just isn’t an option for you, though. The Kai Knit will surely catch your attention. As the name suggests, the Kai Knit is a knitted T-shirt with a modern fit. This means that it hugs your body just in the right way, but it still has that extra space for when you want to move around. The biggest takeaway from this Tee is its luxurious feel compared to normal cotton T-shirts. It sure as hell would look killer with your freshly ironed trousers and a pair of loafers.

To all the Gents that are here to add another piece to the daily uniform, or even try something new, then test your luck in our T-Shirt category. We’re sure that you’ll find something you like. This has been Spiffy Smith, signing off.


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Everyday Uniform: T-Shirt by Smith Berlin – SMITH BERLIN
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Everyday Uniform: T-Shirt by Smith Berlin – SMITH BERLIN
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Everyday Uniform: T-Shirt by Smith Berlin – SMITH BERLIN
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Everyday Uniform: T-Shirt by Smith Berlin – SMITH BERLIN
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Everyday Uniform: T-Shirt by Smith Berlin – SMITH BERLIN
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