Get to Know Smith Berlin's Shirts !

Get to Know Smith Berlin's Shirts !

Hello Gents! As we all know, the classic shirt is widely regarded as a mandatory piece to a man’s wardrobe. Whether you are young or old, dresses smart or dresses casually, you probably own more than one shirt. Setting aside its popularity, there are endless variations for the shirt, the classic oxford shirt, flannel shirts, linen shirts, and many others. This is due to the versatility and flexibility of the shirt. Here at Smith Berlin, we realize the need for many different varieties of shirts to suit everyone’s style. Please do allow for us to recommend some for you!

First comes the classic, the Harry and Barry shirts are our take on the classic oxford shirt. Constructed with 100% Oxford Cotton, these shirts feature a slim fitting cut and it comes in four versatile colors. The difference between the Harry and Barry are the sleeve lengths. Harry features a short sleeve, while the Barry comes with a long sleeve. These shirts are perfect for those of you that work in a more formal environment, as it will look great on its own, or underneath a blazer and worn with a tie.

Those looking for a more unique look can try the Kaisar Shirt. This is our rendition of the ever-popular mandarin collared shirt. Same as the Harry, this shirt is slim fitting, but it’s made from a lighter cotton material that is breathable and cool to the touch. The look of the Kaisar is more casual compared to the Harry and Barry, which means its easier to wear with laid-back outfits. These will look good when you’re wearing formal pants and loafers, but it’ll look good as well with shorts and sneakers.

The third and last recommendation is for all the Gents out there that wants to try something that feels new, something a little more adventurous, yet close to home. The Shaka Pique shirt is perfect for you. This casual shirt that’s made to be worn untucked is made from an extremely soft and wrinkle-free fabric that is sure to wow you when you first feel it in your hands. The Shaka can be worn on its own as a shirt, or you can go one size up and make it an outer for those colder nights.

Be sure to click all of the links on the product name, and check out our Shirt page to discover more varieties of our shirts, we’re sure you’ll find something that suit you best. This has been Spiffy Smith, signing off.

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