Vary Your Outfits With Shorts!

Vary Your Outfits With Shorts!


Us who live in Indonesia are no stranger to the hot and humid climate that we have on a day-to-day basis. Most of the time, its too hot to wear anything extra such as shirts or any other outerwear. However, the outfits we build sometimes lacks that edge and that finish if we don’t wear any outerwear. This problem in our opinion can be fixed by wearing shorts. Why, you ask? We feel like it simply balances things out, you can wear a t-shirt plus an outerwear, and by wearing shorts, there are a lot of skin exposed which helps your body regulate your temperature. Here at Smith Berlin, we have many different options that we offer, from the most casual pair, to as preppy as a pair of shorts can look;

Let’s start from one side of the spectrum to the other, on the casual end, we have the Jay Shorts, these are made from 100% cotton fleece, which means that its basically like wearing a hoodie, but for your legs. These shorts are comfortable, and due to the material, it feels plush on your skin. Perfect for just lounging around your house, or when you want to chill out in a café on a nice evening. It comes in two colours, a classic heather grey for that sweatpants look, or the more versatile and put-together black.Now to a pair of shorts that fall in a weird place on the spectrum, because you wont really wear it when you go out per-se. However, these are perfect if you’re that fit guy of the friend group. The Bowie Board Shorts are for those who live an active lifestyle, or to the ones who sometimes go for a workout when they just feel like it. These shorts feature many convenient features such as an earphone hole, zippered pockets, and a towel loop. A perfect companion for any workout you might do.

On the other end of the spectrum, the most preppy looking shorts we offer are the Arnold Shorts, these shorts would pair well with something classier such as a nice oxford shirt or a polo. With an array of colour options to choose from, we don’t think you’ll find any difficulty in pairing these shorts with existing pieces you have on your wardrobe. Even though these shorts are the most preppy, we didn’t skip on the comfort on these pair, as it comes with an elasticated waist band to ensure a comfy fit on your waist.

So, do you think you’re ready to build your outfits around the shorts we recommended? We’re sure it would add a nice twist and variety to your outfits, not forgetting the comfort you would feel when wearing any of the options we offered. Check out the link on the names of each product, or check our Shorts page to see more! This has been Spiffy Smith, signing off for the last time.


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